Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.) What is i-psy?

    i-psy” is the 1st holistic emotional wellness solution exclusively for students.

  • 2.) What is emotional wellness?

    Emotional Wellness is an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of one’s emotions, and one’s ability to manage effectively through challenges and change.

  • 3.) I am a student but I don’t have any mental health issues. Why should I approach i-psy?

    i-psy” isn’t a mental health service provider but an educational service provider.

    We believe that everyone needs self-awareness because it is a foundation for success and peace in life.

    Through our customized learning module we impart self-awareness among students which contributes to improving one’s emotional wellness.

    You may be mentally healthy but there is always a scope for becoming emotionally more competent.

  • 4.) Which age group does i-psy cater to?

    We welcome students of all age groups. We, however, specialize in students of the age group between 14 & 25.

  • 5.) How does i-psy improve student’s emotional wellness?

    We conduct scientific assessments to know about various personality traits of the student.

    Based on these personality assessments our team of experts conduct individual and group awareness sessions.

  • 6.) I am a parent / educator. Can I know more about how i-psy can help me?

    Yes, please click here to book a free appointment session to know more on how we shall go ahead.

  • 7.) How do I know if “i-psy” is authentic?

    We have been associated with the Jabalpur Incubation Centre.

    We are a new organization but a growing one. We have associated ourselves with several prominent psychologists and psychiatrists. Please check our team page to know more.