What is education?

Education is a body of knowledge provided to students so that they could solve their present and future problems. We are taught various disciplines so that we could become doctors, engineers, pilots, IAS officers, businessmen & women. So much of our education is focussed at imparting career based knowledge that it doesn’t focus at the issue of emotional troubles that have been plaguing the student community for decades and which is sure to rise with the current COVID-19 crisis.

What is the nature of these emotional issues?

In the realm of academic competition both stories – the ones of success and those of failure are ridden with a complex tangle of emotional issues. Some students feel inferior to others, a few can’t focus – for no understandable reason, many are vulnerable to a disconnect between them and their parents, some are not fairly acknowledged by their teachers, many are troubled because their friends misunderstand them and some are victims of poor self-worth and a lack of self-confidence

How to make education more relevant?

A relevant education would impart skills and knowledge to the students to solve their emotional issues effectively thereby improving their performance in academic and non-academic spheres of life. “i-psy” has been formed for this very purpose. 


i-psy” imparts self-awareness among students which improves their emotional wellness and hence their chances of success.   


Our Vision

→ “To improve emotional wellness among students by promoting self-awareness”.

Our Mission

→ “We conduct psychological assessment based awareness sessions for students studying in schools & colleges or preparing for any competitive exam.

Our Services


Our Research Basis

Our idea has a research basis. According to a survey conducted by “i-psy” on over 230 participants (students, parents & educators) around 90% agree that students suffer from emotional issues and that students have been facing more of them since the COVID-19 imposed lockdown. 

We are committed to taking constant inputs from the stakeholders – students, parents & teachers – through our public engagements and independent research activities. Our research associates specializing in community medicine have been actively engaged in designing data gathering activities through the means of various descriptive and exploratory research methodologies.

Our idea is to co-produce a product with the help of participation from psychologists, public health experts and the most important stakeholders – students, parents & teachers. Such co-production requires a great deal of structured interaction in ways of webinars, workshops, surveys, focused group discussions etc. Our public engagement activities have been closely dove-tailed with our research requirement and consequently our product development.